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Why Entrepreneurship Lecturers Should Also be Entrepreneurs || Adisa Muhammed Oluwatosin


Entrepreneurship is a concept that has existed since the foretime, and its relevance evolves from time to time. Every decade and centuries have their entrepreneurship history. Men of each period do invent and bring out solutions to the problems of the time, either to get a reward in return or for making a sacrifice for humanity.

Entrepreneurship is also the act of generating new ideas, either from a non-existing one or crafting the ideas out of the existing ones. This literally means the act of creating new ideas and implementing them in the market places, to serve a new and different value into the market. Also, the act of bringing out new features and forming new styles from the existing values to make them stand out amongst others

Entrepreneurship means learning, unlearning, and relearning from time to time. To be a successful entrepreneur, one needs to keep learning and give room for dynamism and change in approach, when necessary. Entrepreneurs do not stay rigid in their styles, but they see flexibility as a norm. The learning, unlearning, and relearning brings about flexibility which makes entrepreneurs to allow new knowledge and ideas to operate within their business and social world.

Entrepreneurship is scanning through the current problems in the society, analyze them, proffer solutions to them, and sell out the solutions. It’s the ultimate use of all societal changes and occurrences as opportunities to earn profit.

To teach entrepreneurship, its true teaching will be derived from how and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. This can be optimally taught by someone who is an entrepreneur himself. A teacher or a lecturer who is an entrepreneur will naturally educate students about the process of becoming an entrepreneur. And also, will indicate those challenges that can be faced as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs, either successful or unsuccessful will teach important lessons from their experience.

Lecturers who are entrepreneurs themselves will make use of examples and illustrations from a closer environment that is familiar to the students. The students will tend to relate quite well, when most lessons and illustrations are brought from a nearer and more understandable environment.

Conclusively, entrepreneurship should spread across all disciplines in schools and institutions. It shouldn’t be a course that is meant for the management and social science fields alone.

Adisa Muhammed Oluwatosin is a 200 level Public Administration student of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.


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