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Activists seek Makinde, Commissioner of Police’s Intervention Over Land Seizure


Veteran Organisation for Human Rights (VOHRI), has pleaded that Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde, and the Commissioner of Police, Shina Olukolu, intervene in an alleged violation of rights case involving Mrs. Sekinah Olohunosebi.

Mrs. Olohunosebi was said to have bought eight acres on October 21, 2006, for her brothers; Messrs AbduRasid Olohunosebi and Nafiu Imran at Igbara Village, Elebu, Ibadan from the late Chief Busari Ogunkeye, of S6/140 Alagbada, Ogunkeye compound, Kudeti, Ibadan.

She said, Sesan Olootu, Kehinde Apanpa, and Falilatu Opadijo are threatening to take over the land.

According to Abayomi Sakirullahi, and Abimbola Adekunle, in Ibadan, the group said the director of State Services and House of Assembly Speaker should look into the alleged seizure of a land belonging to Olohunosebi by the trio.
The group noted that Olohunosebi bought
It said some people, led by Olooto and Apanpa, since 2017, had been allegedly boasting they would take over the land.

“Eleha Olohunosebi Sekinah bought eight acres of land for her two brothers – Messrs AbduRasid Olohunosebi and Nafiu Imran, at Igbara Village, Elebu area, Ibadan, from the late Chief Busari Ogunkeye, of S6/140 Alagbada, Ogunkeye Compound, Kudeti, Ibadan – with full documentation, on October 21, 2006.

‘’The vendor of the land, the late Chief Busari Ogunkeye, left his son, Mr. Sikiru Ogunkeye, as a living witness… In 2016, when the land was bulldozed and cleared, no one challenged the purchaser then.
“However, in early 2017, when Sesan Olooto, and his men invaded the land, they did not show any valid documents to show that they were the owners of the land. Nonetheless, the police did not act … Again, on July 22 …when Eleha Sekinah reported the case of another invasion … to the police at Elebu Oke-Alaro Police Station, only a lip service was paid on the issue.
“A group of persons invaded the land, removed the corner-pieces and signposts. The group, led by Sesan Olooto … which included Kehinde Apanpa and others…claimed the land belonged to Falilatu Opadijo.

“They beat up Mr. Fasola assigned to oversee the land. The case was reported to the State CID through a petition written by B.K. Salami. The then DCP Bature assigned the case to Superintendent Badiru and one officer… Valentine.

‘’Sesan Olooto and Kehinde Apanpa were invited by the police and only Kehinde Apanpa showed up…the only thing the police did was to tell the two parties …to solve the case … Thereafter the damaged corner-pieces and signposts were fixed.

“On July 22, 2019, Sekinah Olohunosebi went for an on-the-spot assessment of the land. She met Kehinde Apanpa and others …claiming they had been sent by … Sesan Olooto.

‘’Kehinde Apanpa and his colleagues had removed the corner-pieces and the signposts when Eleha got to the land.
“The case was reported to Oke-Alaro, Elebu Police Station. The DPO sent two policemen for an on-the-spot assessment …On getting there, the people had fled. The policemen took some photographs of the damaged corner-pieces and the removed signposts ‘’
But Apanpa and Olootu described the allegations as an attempt to defame their characters.
In a telephone conversation, they said a wrong person sold the land, owned by Mrs. Opadijo, to Olohunosebi.
They added that they had told Olohunosebi to settle with Opadijo, instead of making the issue a media war.

Apanpa said: “I am happy that you called me. It is a defamation of our characters. Nobody wants to take her land. It was a wrong person that sold the land to her. That is what we are saying that she should meet Mrs. Opadijo.
“We are not threatening her. It is she that is threatening us. The case was taken to OC Monitoring. The person that sold the land to her is not the owner.


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