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Oyo State and TESCOM: An Embodiment of Corruption Cum Undue Process || Ibraheem Rasaq Bolarinwa

TESCOM Chairman Speaks on Cut-Off Mark, Says 10% of Applicants Scored Above 50

Sequel to this write-up, my attention has been drawn to the irregularities that have reigned over the TESCOM service, Oke-Ogun Zonal Office, Saki. This thus began during this administration. We witnessed a crisis or struggle that could tear the whole community apart, due to the irregularities carried out by the outgoing TESCOM Zonal Director, Mrs. Oladoyinbo Wosilat Aderonke last year. Her self-interest nearly fuel a religious crisis across the region, the region that is sensitive in terms of religion already.

There is a Yoruba adage that says, “a leopard can’t change its skin, no matter the circumstances”. Mrs. Oladoyinbo Wosilat Aderonke in conjunction with Oyo State government had established and affirmed the public assumption that this present administration is full of irregularities, anomalies, and favoritism, even when due process and competency are the stands of 80% of the key players.

Recently, the appointment letter into the TESCOM Zonal Head Office, Saki was issued out, lobbying and other political tactics that decide the fate of battles were jettisoned by the potential candidates, owing to the belief that seniority list was/is the only factor that determines the appointment. The most senior principal has always happened to be the TESCOM Permanent Secretary and it doesn’t change when the government decided to scrap Permanent Secretary for Zonal Director. Mrs. Oladoyinbo Wosilat Aderonke’s appointment as TESCOM Zonal Director was a testimony of the seniority list.

However, the recent appointment letter of Zonal Director into the TESCOM Zonal Office, Saki, was a clear affirmation of favouritism, nepotism and a reflection of known religious bias of the present Oyo State Government. This is totally condemnable and uncalled for. if the number twenty-eight (28) on the seniority list could be appointed as the TESCOM Zonal Director without following the due process or the existing legacy since no aptitude test was conducted for the previous appointments, I wonder what legacy the present administration would leave behind. I wonder how the present administration would explain the reason behind the appointment of somebody who became a principal in 2016 when there are some people who became principals in 2007, 2012, 2013, and 2014 respectively .

Notably, the TESCOM service adopted Zonal Director in 2015 and the list of the past Directors since 2015 are the following;

  1. Ogunkunle Mathew Kolawole
  2. Akanji Easter Adebimpe (Acting capacity)
  3. Elder Oladokun Jacob
  4. Amos Faramade (Acting capacity)
  5. Oladoyinbo Wosilat Aderonke ( Outgoing Director).

The aforementioned are of the same religion and nobody raised objection, owing to the belief that they were the most senior principals when they were appointed. But the hatred of Mrs. Oladoyinbo Wosilat Aderonke against the other religions could not be hidden in the discharge of her duties and the use of her influence.

A religious body in Oke-Ogun is allegedly to have contributed #70,000 each for the appointment of Mr. Folaranmi Julius Funso (The number twenty-eight “28” on the seniority list)

The last seniority list was done in August 2019.

In sum, this is not an attempt to bring anybody down or to fuel religious crisis but rather, a call for due process, accountability and transparency in all ramifications as always posited by the present Governor of Oyo state, Engr. Seyi Makinde.

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