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Open Letter To The New Fibsu National Leadership || Olanrewaju Olansile Advantage

Open Letter To The New Fibsu National Leadership || Olanrewaju Olansile Advantage

Annually, for anyone to prepare to mount a platform, you must have deemed it fit to go for a gold that easily melts away. You have, in your own self, developed the attitude of eviscerating this union by presenting ideas which paint us as hungry panthers. You have come to the conclusion that nothing can change and have also tended the way to change things to nothing.

This union has been a mode of generating funds without having substantial status quo; meanwhile it is high time we allowed our generation to refer themselves to the status quo ante. This is why I have, through the commendation of colleagues, friends and lecturers about my leadership over the years, come to also give my impact on this highest platform of necessity.

Politics is not in itself a bandwagon of filthiness, but many with their cunning mind to ameliorate things have come in to deteriorate or make it stagnant.

It is obvious to many of us that Lexyphil emergence is a new dawn to our dear association and a goodbye to godfatherism activities in FIBSU NATIONAL. A victory to many of us that believed in true intellectual unionism or than ‘watin we go chop’ unionism.

If I had served once as the National President, below are my blueprint for the union;

The mathematics of this is not farfetched because it is not an enigma program neither is it bogus that it can’t be fulfilled. The involvements in this master class are: Curriculum Vitae and cover letter Surgery, Interview skills and mock interview simulations and employability skills.
We always agree that when a problem is noticed, the solution is at near distance. For students who would be graduating and as academic elites, the world needs people who can surf its bowel and make it a good place.

This is a plan for University, College and Polytechnic students who would be on their practical period. It has been noticed that many students have issued locating where to do their practical and over the years, this Union has been in its own understandable united state. We should value one another by helping brethren in the Diaspora and this is what has not been done.
It is not elaborate is we have details of students and find IT,SIWES and practical placement for them instead of leaving them to be scattered like flock of sheep without shepherd. You can always achieve this through collaboration with hundreds of companies and industries located in our their city, IBADAN.
Through this, students will have the importance of the union at heart and contributions to the union will not be forceful. Federation of Ibadan Students’ Union is a big state of its own that these agenda will be achievable that much.

We have business men and women amidst us and it will be nice if the tent of their businesses can spread farther than where they are. This business opportunity should be open at every congress for people present to showcase their commodities.
Also, training session is very important as experts will be invited to train students in several fields available.

So far it is for Ibadan students, it is a call to duty that the executive arm should not only make attendance of people at meetings alone, but should take cognizance and intimate people to be conscious of one another. This is also a form of being humane by creating an atmosphere that takes a neighbor as important as another.
Students welfarism also plays into visiting each chapter as time may permit, but it is my manifesto that this will be made possible. Bursary shall be made available, not only at the government level, but through cooperate bodies, stakeholders and even our dear Alumni that are doing great across the Nation.

FACILITATION OF THE ASSOCIATION BUS- It’s not a news again that this great association once has a bus, and let me remind you that mobility is one of the importance key in FIBSU, you should try as much as possible to refurbish the existing one or rather have a brand new. Don’t think very far, IT HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE, YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN.

ENGAGEMENT IN SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY- By redefining the image of this great association to students phase, you should collaborate with NGOs and other cooperate bodies to educate our students and even the households in Ibadanland. These may include, Election sensitization, Primary and Secondary schools development projects, career talks for young ones and many more.



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