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OPINION: Oh My Local Government! Why Are You So Unlucky || Asimiyu Abiodun


Akinyele, my local government and country home ! Why are you so quiet that you have allowed yourself to be represented by the political harlots, money grabbers, sundry merchants, opportunities, undemocratic element, sulking and extravagant legislators whose misson is to squander everything that belongs to the masses. Why ?Why? And Why? Honestly, you are too gentle for my liking.

This is a local government area that has about 211,359 people witha land area of 464.892 square kilometers. It was created in 1976 during the military government of General Muritala-Obasanjo regime. And was carved out of Ibadan Municipal Government. Akinyele local government has since been governed by twenty Honourable Chairmen according to the history made available.

For the purpose of development and good representation, the last administration led Sen. Abiola Ajimobi created two new LCDAs from the existing one , which is now label as Akinyele Central. The other two LCDAs created are Akinyele South and East , and are to be governed by elected chairmen.These three chairmen are also bound to work with the elected councillors that represent 20 wards make up of the three local government .

Akinyele Local Government is highly heterogeneous and metropolitan in nature especially in areas like Ojoo, Orogun, Sasa, Moniya and Akinyele where Nigerians from different tribes and foreign nationals reside. This development is evident of the friendly and accommodating nature of the people of the local government.

In addition, the local government is also host to a number of notable institutions including Nigeria Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), International Institute of Tropical Agricultural (IITA), Federal School of Statistics, the proposed Dominican University, Second Mechanised division a.k.a Odogbo Cantonment and a reasonable percentage of the University of Ibadan Land area falling within the Local Government around Apete.

The culture of the people is in tandem with Yoruba culture. There are also veritable tourist attractions such as the Bowen’s Tomb and Ope Ijaye of the historical Kurunmi War in Ijaye, Oke Idan in Ikereku many festivals very rich in culture. It shares boundaries with Afijio Local Government to the north, Lagelu Local Government Area to the east, Ido Local Government Area to the west and Ibadan North Local Government Area to the south.

Politically, Akinyele local government area is subdivided into three(Akinyele Central, South and East), two constituencies (Akinyele constituency l and Il) plus 20 wards across the communities fall under Akinyele local government area.

Between 1976 and now, Akinyele local government has produced different types of honourable members to represent its political, social and economic interest in the Oyo State House of Assembly. It has witnessed the good, bad and baddest hounrable members.

Among the fair and former honourables whose history of their achievements while in office are always interested people to pick and read is honourable Akirinola who renovated schools, drilled boreholes and also facilitated empowerment program to his constituents .

Honourable Murphy Adigun who represented Akinyele constituency ll in the 6th and 7th Oyo Assemblies, has good name but fair record in the political history of Akinyele LG. He made history that none of his predecessors has ever beat. He built schools for his constituents. Provision of social interventions through his foundation, distribution of transformers to some selected communities, boreholes and renovations of class room buildings.

Honourable Kolade Olagunju who represented Akinyele constituency l in the Oyo 7th Assembly also tried his best by donating transformer to the constituents, construction of class-room building and public empowerment to his people.

Honourable Jelili Adeleke who was the deputy speaker of the house during his time was told to only represent his people on paper. He is of one the former state honourables whose achievements are hardly visible to his constituent members , even though he spent good 8 years in office.

Another honourable whose is on record is honourable Bolaji Badmos. With no exaggeration, Honourable Bolaji Badmos is one of the most vibrant , articulate and good looking honourable that Akinyele local government has ever produced. His fluency and oratory skills made him different among his contemporaries.

Little wonder it was so easy for him to use public money to change his social status. In the 8th Assembly, Honourable Bolaji Badmos represented Akinyele constituency ll had a number of bills sponsored by him. He also did a massive empowerment while he was eyeing a federal seat, even though it was a dream that had ever come true. Hon. Bolaji Badmos has no single project to commission till he left office as state honourable.

The story of the Oyo 8th Assembly can’t be well told without referencing one of its members from Akinyele constituency l, Honourable Olabamiji Josuha aka Atiku. He was an opportunist, opprobrious and a self – Serving honourable. He doesn’t care about being accountable for his constituents. He, like his friend from constituency l l went there to take their share from the national cake. He was called different names by his people but yet, he cared not. He was only concentrated on how to make his slim wallet fat and bigger. He spent good four years in office and had nothing to commission too while leaving.

We thought this 9th Assembly that produced Honourable Ayo Fatokun representing Akinyele constituency l and his counterpart from Constituency ll, Honourable Kehinde Olatunde Taofik will make a fine era and a pain relief to the good people of Akinyele local government . But reverse is the case as the duo have successfully wore the shoes inherited from their predecessors.

The assessment of their one year in office shows that they are not different from the honourables that came yesterday. They are birds of a feather, they will definitely flock together.

Asimiyu Muhideen Abiodun writes from Akinyele Local Government Area.


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