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OPINION: Have You Recruited Amotekun To Be Killing Innocent Citizens? || Adedokun Sunday Harshasha


The Governor need to check the excesses of the newly inaugurated security operatives code-named Amotekun. The main reason behind its establishment is to secure lives and properties. It is pathetic and unacceptable seeing the security operatives killing innocent souls like fowl.

In less than 24 hours we have recorded three different loss of lives which is perpetrated by the Amotekun outfit. A young university student was shot last night at Sabo area of Oyo town. Around the same hour, one Afeez Lotto and Akin Owoaga were shot dead by a member of Odua people Congress, who was recruited into Amotekun, Sikiru Apanpa at Ibadan.

The Governor had earlier said we should hold him responsible for any action of the Amotekun. Should we now say you order them to be killing us? Ever since they have been inaugurated there has not been recorded of killing our common enemies, those who are really disturbing us.

On what basis should the security operatives open fire at citizens inside the community where people reside peacefully. How do we immortalize the souls of the departed, how do we comfort their families and loved ones.

If we don’t attend to this with immediate alacrity it might later result to a worse situation that will affect than those common enemies we really want to combat. In just less than a week of operation in the state, what will happen in the next one year?

Governor Makinde Save Our Souls

We Need Rest of Mind

Fight our common enemies not innocent souls

Before the situation gets out of hand, the Governor should unmask the terrorist hiding under the guise of security operative to perpetrate evil.

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