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Last LG Election Was a Show of Shame – AAC Reacts to IPAC’s Statement






The attention of the AFRICAN ACTION CONGRESS, Oyo state has been drawn to a shabby press briefing made by IPAC executives in the state who claimed that the just concluded local government electoral heist was “free” and “fair”.

Kayode babayomi stated that “We are not surprised at this show of shame as it is their stock in trade. What they meant must have been that the daylight robbery was free and fair”.

“Oyo IPAC Executives supporting the sham conducted by Makinde goes to show that they are not representing the will of the people. It’s very shameful how integrity has become so cheap in the hands of supposed leaders of political parties”.

“Let us restate that we in the African action Congress have made our position known that there was no election and we will be challenging their evil actions within the ambits of law- in Court and on the streets”.

“It’s more disappointing that executives of an association of political parties will only be interested in representing their pockets, instead of the good people of the state. We are sure that many of the party leaders supporting the fraud can not face their members to say such, because it is clear even within their parties that they are mere stooges placed in different political parties to serve as political tools for the PDP and Seyi Makinde”.

“We do not wish to enter into any shouting match with these stooges, as the evidence of OYSIEC’s gross incompetence, PDP’s intimidation, massive rigging, voter suppression, that they describe as “free” and “fair” are already outlined in our petition, which we would be filing before the tribunal.

“We as a political party and a member of IPAC by default , want to make it clear that we were and will never be part of such embarrassing press briefing. Such backward statements will never emanate from our Secretariat. Our integrity is golden and we have no plans to sell it for a plate of amala at Agodi.

In the statement Babayomi finally Stated that, te want to warn that these IPAC executives learn from history and should desist from romancing Seyi Makinde, at the dentriment of good governance for the good people of Oyo State. The revolution is here and it will not spare both the oppressors and their asslickers.

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