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Enough of Marginalization, Ibarapa Zone Deserves Better, Says Engr Okanlawon


Engr David Okanlawon, founder of the Olusegun Okanlawon Foundation (OOF) has aired his voice on the long existence of marginalization in which the Ibarapa Zone has faced since years immemorial.

Okanlawon made this known during a press conference on Monday where he showed his displeasure over the way political office holder, both elective and appointive neglect the zone after they had gotten what they wanted at the poll, called on indigenes of Ibarapa both home and abroad to rally round the zone to make it a better place for all and sundry.

He said “Unity, the combined interaction between the 7 towns that makes up Ibarapa cannot be achieved when we approach matters and ideas differently, as we try to achieve it individually, we would be manipulated and end up making no landmark, unlike when we have one voice, one idea, then every single plans we have can be achieved.”

Engr David stressed further that the zone can also get developed with the support of the government by allowing dividends of democracy to reach the grassroots through constituency delimitation.

“Constituency delimitation is another thing that is long overdue. Nigeria constitution gives room for this at every ten years in which all requirements are met by the Zone. The ability to get more constituency will allow dividends of democracy to reach people at the grassroots where impact of governance is expected to be felt.

“Our representatives ought to have tendered this to the government because if they don’t talk, the government would continue to pretend that they are not aware of the happenings in the zone.

The OOF founder on the foundation said that the all projects are being funded by him as it has no affiliation with any political ambition at the moment.

“I believe education is the key that opens many opportunities in this world. OOF is a platform created to ensure that students and youths in Ibarapa zone get educated. People who rise through this with proper orientation will look back one day to reciprocate by helping others and make the development of the zone a priority.


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