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Shun Cultism, It Does Not Allow You to Fulfil Life Purpose- Prof. Labeodan



The Chairperson of the Anti-cultism Campaign Committee of the University of Ibadan Centre for Social Orientation (CenSo), Prof. Helen Labeodan has explained to students of Polytechnic High School in Ibadan that cultism is an enemy that hinders individuals from fulfilling their life purposes.

Prof. Helen Labeodan emphasized that students should not let cultism derail their destinies.

She urged the students to be diligent in their academic pursuits and to develop character traits that will help them achieve their goals.

Professor Labeodan also encouraged students to be bold enough to report any form of attack or persuasion to join cultism to their families and appropriate security units to avoid becoming victims.

Other members of the campaign committee warned the students to choose their friends wisely and make decisions that will benefit their prospects.

They advised the students to engage in productive activities rather than getting involved in cultism.

The students were informed that two weeks ago, the Senate in Abuja proposed an amendment to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Act, changing the penalty for drug and narcotics offenses from life imprisonment to the death sentence.

Consequently, they were strongly urged to reject cultism and completely avoid the use and abuse of substances.

After the counselling, the Senior Boy of Polytechnic High School, Gideon Ajayi, requested a member of the entourage, an alumnus of the school, and a University of Ibadan official photographer, Mr. Adeniyi Adebayo, to extend corporate social responsibility to the school by offering photography lessons to interested students.

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