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RAMADAN: Tolulope Akande-Sadipe Advises Muslims To Engage In Charity


The lawmaker representing Oluyole Federal Constituency and the Chairperson House of Representative Committee on Diaspora Hon. Tolulope Akande-Sadipe K has advises Muslim to give and practice charity during this pandemic, she urges them to follow rules and regulations that govern this Holy Month and pray for the country during this hard time.

“During the Holy month we are to read the Quran daily, observe prayers on time, seek forgiveness and build healthy relationships and visit the needy (which Covid as rendered dangerous but where there is a will we will make a safe alternative to ensure that the needs of the needy are met). Muslim, should also practice charity as one of the five Islamic pillars, be generous by showing empathy to the hungry, raising money for the poor, donating clothes and food.”

” My advice to Muslims is to engage more in charity, this is a month of fasting, prayer & reflection, Muslim citizens should avoid large gatherings and have their prayers and meals (suhoor and iftar) individually or with family at home.”

“Avoid evil thoughts and sinful behaviour.”

Sadipe in her statement said Ramadan purifies one from impure thoughts, deeds, and material desires. This allows Muslims to fully concentrate on their faith through prayers, seeking forgiveness and being there for the needy.
Ramadan Kareem and May Allah see us through.


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