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PHOTOS: Landlords Abandon Homes For Rented Apartments as Akala Akobo Estate Road Worsens





Ibadan’s once-thriving community of Akala Estate at Akobo is struggling with a pressing issue that has prompted its residents to seek refuge in rented apartments due to the deplorable state of its roads. The situation has escalated to a point where more than 150 house owners have abandoned their homes in search of respite from the deteriorating infrastructure.

Residents in the Akala Estate Akobo Axis now face the harsh reality of navigating roads that have become virtually impassable. The crumbling infrastructure not only poses a significant inconvenience to daily life but also raises concerns about the safety and well-being of those living in the area.

Despite numerous appeals from the community, Governor Seyi Makinde’s intervention has yet to materialize, leaving residents feeling abandoned and desperate for a solution. The absence of government action has again prompted community leaders, led by the Chairperson, Mrs Sumonu to intensify their efforts in reaching out to the Oyo State Government, specifically through Governor Makinde, urging him to address the pressing issue.

“We’ve spent millions of Naira from the community pocket to make sure the road condition is being corrected, we are working on bringing asphalt to part of the road soon to put it in a better shape” she added.

The plight of Akala Estate serves as a stark reminder of the crucial role infrastructure plays in sustaining vibrant communities. As families vacate their homes due to the worsening road conditions, the ripple effects extend beyond mere inconvenience to a broader societal challenge.

The situation calls for urgent attention from the Oyo State Government, highlighting the need for immediate intervention to restore the once-flourishing Akala Estate to its former glory.

Residents and community leaders anxiously await a response, hoping that their pleas will not fall on deaf ears.

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