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Participation Of Youths In Politics; Natural And Social Responsibility || Arogundade Toheeb


I feel disappointed when I hear youths saying they don’t like politics, they can’t participate in it, politics is dirty and so on and these youths are the one going on social media advocating that youths are being sidelined in leadership of the society. Some of them even see politics as a profession of a group of people and make bad comments about those who participated in it.

We complain alot about bad leadership but we are doing nothing to change it. We run away from reality while Chasing unnecessary things.

Politics is a natural and social phenomena. We play it everywhere unconsciously. In our home, school, at place of work even in relationship. We are all politicians, why are we running away from our natural and social assignment?

One of the greatest sin of refusing to participate in politics as youth is that we end up being led by the inferiors in our society who are agile enough to pick up our responsibilities.

Our role is not just coming to social media to discuss things that will not add value to development of our society. We need to wise up in dealing with national issues that improve our economic, financial, security strength and more

Our Economic development in all sectors in our society should be our priority. We put efforts to strengthen our public-welfare schemes such as food for all, house for all, education for all, adequate security for everyone and many more.

Youths are the most influential people in every society because make up the majority. Part of our duties is to make our country free of corruption and nepotism. We should all work together to bring about societal harmony not disunity.

If we look deeply at our roles as youths in the society we will find that politics is our natural responsibility. It is not a dirty game as it is being tagged by lot of youths out there. We need to start today before it is too late.

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