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OPINION: Demolition By Provision For A Better Alternative | Ismaila Ashipa


Even in the days of Abiola Ajimobi and unchecked aggression and recklessness of Lowo OBISESAN et al, I was never against demolition for beautification and modern development as it affects the environment.

But I was and I am still standing firmly against demolition by notification: the alibi of every government to justify wanton demolition of stalls, shops, and markets; the livelihood of the majority percentage.

And as I was, in the previous governments, in support of DEMOLITION BY PROVISION, so I am still today.

Without the provision of alternatives to shop owners and marketers, no demolition by any government, except draconian, is justified.

If governor Seyi Makinde could allow STREET TRADERS & HAWKERS to freely roam our major streets for according to His Excellency, “my mother once sold bread at the entrance gate of the old Adeoyo General Hospital. And my administration would continue to pardon the street hawkers till a suitable alternative is found. ………………”. This present demolition at Egbeda, Iwo Road, elsewhere, must be critically reconsidered.

In the interim, especially at Iwo Road, Agodi-Gate, and Egbeda, the government could erect a high wall to fence-off the unpatterned eyesore slums called shops to give the road and environment a facelift. Any trespassed beyond the fence could then be arrested, prosecuted, and penalized.

This present ongoing demolition at Iwo Road, Egbeda, and elsewhere-collar critically reconsidered. This post covid19 period, when many white-collar jobbers and salary earners would lose their means of livelihood is very inauspicious for DEMOLITION.



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