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INSECURITY: FIBSA Writes Open Letter to Governor Makinde


The leadership of Federation of Ibarapa Students Union (FIBSA), National Council which is the apex body of the indigenous students of Ibarapa has written an open letter to Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde over the insecurity challenges in the zone.

The open letter was co-signed by Com. Ogunjobi Feranmi Oladimeji and Sen. Ogunlowo Soji Aderemi who are FIBSA National President and Senate President respectively.

While the students body decry evils befalling the zone day by day, they enjoined the governor to take a responsive mechanism by intensifying the security and policing means in the state to curb this menace.

The Open letter reads thus:


Solidarity greetings to you His Excellency, may God Almighty continue to be your guide in leading us at Oyo state to the greater height.

The leadership of Federation of ibarapa Students Association (FIBSA) National Council want to at first commend your assiduous efforts since your emergence as the God-sent governor of Oyo state, in whose vein the milk of kindness towards the occupants of the state runs through, we pray to God for more knowledgeable, logical and intellectual prowess of leading us aright.

The Apex Body of the indigenous Students of ibarapa across Nigeria and in diaspora consider it imperative to write you this as a concerned and dutiful citizen of this state and whose prerogative is to raise alarm where imperfection of any reigning government is being discovered.

We want to crave the indulgence of Oyo state government through you sir, to the appalling insecurity menaces bedeviling, disrupting, plaguing the well-being of Ibarapa land and the peace of its people.

Need we remind of you of how gruesomely the noticeable herbal medicine practicioner, Alhaji Yusuf, fondly called Oko Oloyun was murdered along Igboora-Eruwa road by unsuspected gunmen last month. This heartbreaking incidence is causing those people who make the murdered soul their reckon when it comes to financial catering of their affairs, and his parents are there wallowing tears everyday, as it remains, till tomorrow, saddening commentary seeing the grave of their illustrious son, who in his lifetime had promise to make life comfortable for them by spending the rest of their life in luxury.
Oko Oloyun was a benevolent soul that no success-aiming state like Oyo should loose, especially in the time like this.

Similar excruciating assassination was that of an Idere-born young businessman, Mr. Nurudeen Baleri. He was slain last year on his way to where he found means of livelihood by suspected herdsmen. You need to be there at a point of time when he was about to be buried amidst of tears in his residence at Idere, and see how shocking, heartbreaking, despicable and unfortunately it was for his wives, parents and families watching their golden son being taken away to be buried with his glossy future and yet to fulfilled purposes. It is still like a dream to countless people who believe Baleri should still be doing fine in the next 80years.

We once heard the security agencies were on top of his case then, but I can ascertain that all there pledges to bring the perpetrators of this villainous act to book and face the full wrath of law ended in futility.

Who knows if we have not been loosing the upcoming commissioners, governors, president and top administrative officers to the massacres?

People of Ibarapa land are now sleeping with half eyes closed and half widely opened to watch over their priceless properties from being surreptitiously taken away by bandits.

We have people of considerable refinement living comfortably outside the country, willing to come home and build our state with what they have acquired with erudition, but the bloodlust growing rapidly in the psychopathic, mentally-deranged assailants frightens them, and they however continue to watch misfortunes thriving in the pacesetter state mouth agape.

Your Excellency sir, for how long do we have to continue bearing these insufferable occurrences impoverishing IBARAPA as a region?

We decry evils befalling us day by day and I drive you forward to take up with responsive mechanisms by intensifying the security and policing means in the state. Deploy as many as possible valiant and indomitable securities to Ibarapa land for the safety, progress and success of the community and its people.

Lastly sir, see earnestly to our request and come up with decisive action to curb the imperfections debasing your governance through insecurity. You have started well, we pray you end well and live to give testimonies thereafter your reign as the Executive governor of Oyo State.

Yours in governance,


FIBSA National President


FIBSA National Senate President

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