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The Dissolution of NANS, Oyo State Executive Council: I Take Responsibility | Asubiojo Olujuwon


On Saturday 18th of January, 2020, the Senate -highest decision making body of NANS JCC Oyo State sat to address the lingering leadership issue occasioned by the Vice Chairman parading himself as the Acting Chairman of the Association. The Senate at her sitting resolved to dissolve the entire Executive Council and call for elections. As a dedicated democrat, I abide absolutely by the decision of the Senate.

One would have, however, expected the Senate to do justice to the matter by establishing the authentic leadership of the Association and appropriating deserving punishment to whoever is found guilty of claiming to be what he is not.

Without disrespect, it either the Senate does not understand its powers, or perhaps is afraid to use it. The decision of the Senate is a classical case of sacrificing Justice on the altar of peace. It is a model that has never attained its aim.

Anyone who has followed the turn of events since the beginning of the administration will agree that there has been political machination against the Administration right from inception.

That the administration survived that long has been by the Grace of God, doggedness of Senators, supports of progressive stakeholders and generality of Nigerian students.

Top of the reasons for vested interests in the leadership of the association was the desire by both qualified and un-deserving stakeholders to be appointed as Special Adviser to The Governor on Student Matters. The Governor surprised the Student Community by his choice of appointment, shocking those fanning the embers of crisis and discord.

Personally, I consider Victor Olojede a great choice. Victor Olojede is no stranger, he is a friend of the community, highly cerebral and diplomatic. I am sure someone as ambitious as he is won’t ruin his future with “this small office”.

I believe he shall perform his duties well and stay alert.

The fundamental responsibility of any association should be to protect the interest of its members, this was our watch word all through the rough ride of the administration.

The administration undisputedly delivered on this, upon our inauguration, Students’ Union in six institutions were on suspension, viz :

Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo;

University of Ibadan;

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology(LAUTECH), Ogbomosho;

College of Education(COEL), Lanlate;

Federal School of Surveying, Oyo;

The Polytechnic Ibadan;

Proudly, through collective intervention of the association under my leadership, we ensured reinstament of Students’ Union activities in all these institutions.

Through our efforts, all institutions in Oyo State today have operational and democratically elected Students’ Union leaderships, except for LAUTECH where partisan affiliation and personal interest of certain persons led to the re-suspension of the Union.

My administration as Chairman of Oyo State NANS took stance, followed by corresponding actions on various State and National issues one of which is the Xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa.

The administration organized a well attended and widely covered procession -“Democracy Day Walk”, aimed at calling the attention of the tertiary institutions management, government and general public in demand for adequate funding of education, reinstatement of all proscribed Students’ Unions and victimised student leaders across Oyo state.

The administration provided purpose driven, student-centred leadership that endeared the rank and file of Students to the association.

Our intellectual approach to the struggle and resistance to attempts to milk the situation earned the Administration a number of enemies at the national level of the association and within the neighborhood, we are proud of that decision and still stand by it as the right approach any time.

In the words of John C. Maxwell – “Everything rises and falls on leadership”, therefore, I take responsibility for all that happened in that administration with full confidence that history will not forget how it all happened.

I thank senators, stakeholders, and the generality of Nigerian students for the support all through the administration.

I thank all executives and directors for their support and understanding:

The Treasurer, Comr. Abayomi (a.k.a Cash) -for his exceptional maturity and understanding. We will always be friends.

The Welfare Director, Comr. Adefajo Sekayomi -for his firm commitment to the administration.

The Assistant General Secretary, Comr. Jekanmi -for his commitment to the administration also.

I thank The Vice Chairman, Omoniyi Afeez, and the General Secretary, Wale -P for their respective roles too.

I thank leaders, cadres and comrades, too numerous to mention for their belief in the administration. I am very honored to have served Nigerian students in this capacity, a rare opportunity that I will continue to appreciate, – I, again, thank all players in the sojourn.

Moving forward personally, I will be focusing on my academic pursuit and self-development, observe and enjoy the many dramas in the Nigerian polity, get involved in worthy national discuss and continue to contribute to Students, State and National development.

May God bless everyone!

Thank you.

Asubiojo, Olujuwon M.
Ex-Chairman, NANS, Oyo State.


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