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Quest for Standard Development in Oke-Ogun, Getting It Right Again Before It’s Too Late || Popoola Hassan



Out of over 17 Federal Tertiary Institutions in Oyo State, none is sited in Oke-Ogun and we, constitute a reasonable one-third of the state’s economy, landmass and others.

Oke-Ogun is more than Bayelsa State in all ramifications be it land-space or population. We are region with ten (10) LGAs Areas So, with statistics, our region is qualified to be a State in Nigeria if all things are equal.

Okeogun is a region with common identities, language or dialect, geography, historical heritage, socio-cultural and socio-economic perspectives, ethics and values, orientation, common occupation, common food, common religion and politics as well as common problems.

The towns in Oke-Ogun of Oyo State not only share common boundaries, but we have also been sharing inter-community meetings, love, and marriages which have bonded our people together for so long, we have almost become one community entity if not for the petty sentiments of politics and religion that have been dividing us for ages.

Over time, we have been marginalized on so many areas be it politics or others areas of developments. We are the architect of our misfortunes. Our current challenges are not far-fetched, they are so enormous that, it’s difficult to know whether it’s externally or internally motivated.

Undeniably, there are deliberate attempts by other zones or regions to keep us down or under, we cannot genuinely heap or put the blame of our underdevelopment on those challenges coming from outside. There has always been the internal dimension to these problems as a people.

Despite our magnitudes, Oke-Ogun only has one higher institution which was affiliated to the Polytechnic, Ibadan for many years.

I doubt if there’s any autonomous institution aside TOPS (Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Shaki) which was recently made to stand on its own by the then Governor, Late Abiola Ajimobi of blessed memory.

One begins to ask some salient questions on why all of these are happening to us. In fact, it’s not ridiculous but also laughable that we have been brainwashed by our political and elders statesmen on the saying, Okeogun is the “food basket of Oyo State and Nigeria”.

Misrepresentation and bad leadership are part of the challenges in Okeo-Ogun. Today, we are so blessed with competent, capable, courageous and of good virtues, daughters and sons of the region who are well-known, globally connected, wealthy, highly profiled and eminently qualified to be Governor of this state. Instead of giving them solidarity, moral support and little assistance, all we do is to joined tantrum evil-doers, gossipers to pull our own down with the notion that, why must it be him and Ibadan won’t allow other region to govern. Political power is the only thing that can fast track and meet all demands we so desire.

Many thanks to people like Adeolu Akande, Bayo Shittu, Dr. Kazeem Yinusa, Dr. Taiwo David Okunlola, Raufu Olaniyan and many others for deeming it fit to aspire and show interest for Governorship position. Today, it is becoming increasingly for an indigene of Oke-Ogun to nurse the ambition of becoming the first citizen in the state that belongs to all of us. It’s nobody’s birthright.

Attached is a short video excerpt from the comments made by President of Oke-Ogun Development Consultative Forum, Alh. Barr. Ahmed Raji SAN who pointed out during his presentation before the Senate Committee on Tertiary Institutions and Tetfund at the Committee’s hearing on the Bill for An Act to Establish Federal University of Agriculture and Technology Oke-Ogun packaged and sponsored by Distinguished Senator Buhari AbdulFatai Ph.D on the 20th of July, 2020.


The Bill is currently waiting for President’s assent, this is worthwhile and commendable, If passed, it will solve a lot of problems bedeviling our region. I must personally as a son of the soil, commend Senator Buhari for his outstanding performances and also charge him to use his political influence and lobbying strategies for the actualization of the Bill to be assented by Mr. President.

We cannot continue like this, the time is now to raise our voices to the authorities. Enough should be enough.

– Popoola Hassan hails from Kishi in Irepo Local Government of Oke-Ogun. He can be reached via popoolahassan89@gmail.com

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