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Nigeria Can Only Survive If Various Ethnic Nationalities Work Cooperatively – Prof. Babalola


A Professor of Biophysical Chemistry at the University of Ibadan, Professor Jonathan Oyebamiji Babalola has stated that for Nigeria to survive, the various ethnic nationalities within the country need to work cooperatively with one another.

He said that while it is possible for each unit to function to some extent, the best performance comes only when they work together.

He therefore, called on the Federal Government to focus on the structure of the country because our national success and ability to function and develop as a country will be determined by the model of the structure we operate.

Professor Babalola made the statements while delivering the 525th inaugural lecture of the University of Ibadan on behalf of the Faculty of Science.

The lecture was entitled
“Simplicity in Complexity: Life Lessons from Biological Macromolecules.”

The inaugural Lecturer stated that our problems in Nigeria may appear complex because of limited provision of and access to basic needs and advised that social reforms that will enable the poor to have shelter over their heads and food on their tables are required.

He said the rich can not continue to get richer while the poor become poorer, adding that there is a need to redress this imbalance if our country does not want to fail.

Professor Babalola observed that efforts are being made to mutate the university system in Nigeria to become like the civil service, adding that the university system is already gasping for breath. He said universities can not and should not be run like ministries and that universities should be left alone to be universities.

He also advised that key offices in our country and our universities should be occupied by the best available hands, purely on merit, irrespective of their affiliations, (political leanings, ethnic, or religious) while other positions can be appropriated based on the prescribed quota system or other mundane/ expedient reasons.

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