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Adelabu Distributes Cash, Gifts During Christmas As He Urges Everyone to be Their Brothers’ Keeper


The 2023 Gubernatorial hopeful and the Frontline chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, Chief Adebayo Adelabu has called on all christians to continue to imbibe the spirit of love and brotherliness as depicted through the birth of Jesus Christ.

In a Christmas message obtained by Oyo Mind through his media aides, Comrade Femi Awogboro, Adelabu noted that “the coming of Jesus Christ to the world is majorly about extending love to all men for the purpose of salvation and abundant life to the entire world”.

He continued, “The coming of Jesus Christ is majorly for the salvation of the souls of all men and women of the world. Christ was able to do this because of His divine love for mankind.”

The former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Of Nigeria, Adelabu further stressed that the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ should serve as enduring lessons and guides to individuals and the society at large as he urges the citizens to continue to support the government at all levels in the efforts to make Nigeria a better society.

“The serious work of nation building is not a task that should be left to the government alone. Every citizen must therefore take active part towards the advancement of our nation.” Adelabu noted.

In his words, “While we are at this moment celebrating he divine birth of Jesus Christ, l also call on the people of Oyo State and the country at large to do so with caution and sense of responsibility. We must be conscious of the existence of COVID-19 pandemic which is still ravaging many countries of the world. Let us therefore guide against rowdy celebrations in disregard to all stipulated protocols and regulations that have been put in place to curb the disease”

Meanwhile, in the spirit of the ongoing festive season and end of year celebration, Chief Adelabu has continued to distribute Christmas and end of the year gifts to various persons in the different segments of Oyo State. Some the gifts being distributed by the Scion of the Adegoke Adelabu dynasty include cash, food items and household goods. According to Chief Adelabu, he explained that he is distributing the gifts as a mean of thanksgiving and for the sharing of his God-given wealth with other less-privileged members of the society in this festive season.

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